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Reach out, Touch the Future

Your Hands in the Digital WOrld

Experience the future of hand-tracking technology with Obi Reach, the most modular and lightweight system on the market. Designed to empower you in virtual environments and physics simulators, Obi Reach offers unparalleled precision and customization, allowing you to truly connect with the digital world.

Where Virtual and Reality Converge

Finest Materials

Rigid Construction

Light as a Feather


Highest Performance

Modular by Design

User Friendly

Bespoke hand-tracking technology! Track the absolute position of your hand and individual finger links, boasting an impressive 25 degrees of freedom. Our advanced visual-inertial tracking system ensures seamless and accurate data transfer, whether wirelessly or wired, at a remarkable rate of up to 250 Hz. Say goodbye to data loss, even in occluded spaces, as Obi Reach guarantees uninterrupted performance.

obi chip v2halfop.png
obi chip v2halfop.png

But Obi Reach is more than just tracking; it's a sensory experience. Feel the virtual world come alive with our vibrotactile and force feedback capabilities for each digit. Immerse yourself fully as you interact with virtual objects, grasping, manipulating, and feeling their presence as if they were real.​

Compatibility is key, and Obi Reach effortlessly integrates with leading platforms such as Unity, Unreal Engine, PyBullet, and more right out of the box. Seamlessly connect your hand to any virtual environment or physics simulator, unlocking endless possibilities for creativity, exploration, and innovation.

obi chip v2halfop.png
Obi board image 2_edited.jpg

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Discover a new level of freedom and expression with Obi Reach. Whether you're a developer, designer, researcher, or simply someone passionate about immersive experiences, our state-of-the-art hand-tracking system will revolutionize the way you interact with the digital realm.

Try Obi Reach today and unlock the true potential of your virtual journey.


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